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Sharps waste can cause serious health- and environmental problems. Unsafe disposal of used syringes and needles can spread diseases immunization programs are working to prevent.

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes and Sharps Containers help protect health care workers, patients, and the community from used and possible contaminated sharps. The safety box provides safe collection and effective destruction of used injection equipment. Our Sharps containers have many areas of use such as during vaccination campaigns, in hospitals and mobile health clinics, and for the medic in the armed forces.

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes and Sharps Containers are made from recycled solid board which is an environmentally friendly solution over plastic containers. They comePO flat packed and are assembled by hand when needed. The sharps container can be used and stored in any climate.

POLYNOR’s range of safety boxes has since 1994 been tested and certified by an independent WHO-accredited laboratory to comply with the requirements of WHO Standard E10/IC.1 and/or E10/IC.2. POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes have passed all tests for:​

  • Ease of assembly and filling
  • Needle penetration
  • Drop test
  • Stability and spillage test
  • Temperature resistance test
  • Water-resistance test
  • Handle strength test
  • Aperture closing test 

WHO (World Health Organization) has included POLYNOR’s Safety Boxes in their PQS database of pre-qualified safety boxes for the disposal of used syringes and needles.