KA Klinikken

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Contact person

Kasper Andresen


+47 22516610




Hoffsveien 15, 0275 Oslo.



Plasticity Brain Center/ KAklinikken AS , Oslo , Norway.

Kasper Andresen,Kiropraktor, DC, DACNB have the franchise to open a Plasticity Brain Center In Oslo, Norway. This is the first Center that will cover Europe.

Who is doing the Functional Neurological Rehabilitation?

A chiropractor with speciality within Neurology, is an government authorized chiropractor with a post graduate education 2-4 yrs within Functional Neurology. They have to pass a extensiv written and practical exam that is governed by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. This exam is accredited by the NOA/ NCCA, which is the highest governmental accreditationbureau In USA. When passed this exam, one can use lettere DACNB behind their name.

What is Functional Neurogical Rehabilitation?

A chiropractor with the speciality within Neurology is qualified to diagnose and treat the complex problems surrounding the Brain and Peripheral nervous system . Functional Neurological Rehabilitation is different from Medical Neurology that we do not prescribe medicine or do surgery.

We test the Function between the Brain/ Peripheral Nervous System and the rest of the body to find dysfunctions or problems. Dysfunctions will affect motion In Muscles and Joints, Ability to focus, Balance- problems or Dizziness. To do the rehab of a dysfunctinal conditions we USE different methods like eye-exercises, Muscle- or balanceexercises. We have machines ,as the only Clinic In Norway(and Europe), that will speed up the Rehabilitation and makes us ready to do Research and document what we do. See pictures….