Workshop: Pitching for Germany

23 September
08:00 - 12:00

German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce: Drammensveien 111 B, 0273 Oslo

This program is funded by Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling

Going to Germany requires a lot of knowledge about the business culture and typical structures there, as well as communication and general cultural awareness. A pitch should always be adapted to a target audience, and structure and professionalism is especially important when wanting to impress German partners or customers. With MEDICA 2021 approaching rapidly and a lot of companies participating in the Market Entry Program towards Germany, it is now more important than ever to share knowledge about this topic.

This event is a hybrid event. Participants can either join us in the seminar room at the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, or follow the event online if a physical attendance is not possible for them.

Participants are required to bring a prepared pitch with them. We will go through pitches together and revise them during the workshop.


Program outline

Part 1 – Theory 

  • 08:00 – Intro – Know your target audience: German work culture, Market Awareness, Intercultural Competence: Speaker – Susanne Hawkins (German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce)
    • Hierarchy – interaction and professional distance between roles
    • Titles and names – how to address others correctly, what to avoid
    • How to impress in Germany – Structure, efficiency, punctuality, reliability in planning
    • Topics and their importance in the German health care market:
      • Innovation
      • Data security
      • User friendliness
      • Origin of the product
      • Numbers and costs
      • Treatment progress and patient outcome
    • Q&A
  • 09:00 – Pitching – in Germany: Speaker – Anita Moe Larsen (Norway Health Tech)
    • In-depth target audience research:
      • Customers/Users
      • Business partners
    • What a good pitch should include and how to structure it
    • Body language: Pitching in person vs online
    • How long should a pitch be?
    • Examples of good and bad pitches with explanations
    • Q&A

09:30 – Break

Part 2 – Workshop 

09:45 –  Short repetition/summary of the dos and don’ts from part 1

Introduction of the pitch trainers for small groups: Dr. Marc Hovestädt (Berlin Partner), Ole Christian Ruge (Denova Impuls), Markus Grundke (i2D Partners), Karime Mimoun

10:00 – Divide into smaller groups to pitch to each other:

    • 2-3 companies per group
    • Each group will be supervised by a pitch trainer to receive direct feedback and help them put the theory into action.
    • Feedback and suggestions in the groups
  • Revise pitch after feedback and suggestions

11:30 – Selected companies present new pitch to everyone


Participation fee: 

Companies participating in Market Entry Program for Germany: FREE

Companies who are exhibitors at MEDICA 2021 via the Norwegian Pavilion: FREE

Members of Norwegian Smart Care Cluster: FREE

Other companies: 1 person: 2500 NOK, 2 persons: 3500 NOK


If you have questions, get in touch with Irene.Chelliah@norwayhealthtech.com



Susanne Hawkins

Project Manager, Trade Fairs - German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

Anita Moe Larsen

Head of Communication - Norway Health Tech


Dr. Marc Hovestädt

Investment Inbound Manager - Berlin Partner

Ole Christian Ruge

Managing Director - Advisor - DENOVA IMPULS AS


Markus Grundke

Advisor and coach, market entry Germany - i2D Partners

Karime Mimoun

Business strategy advisor