The Swedish Healthcare Market – an Overview

27 May
13:00 - 15:00


Get to know the Swedish Healthcare Market!

Before expanding to Sweden, it is vital to know your way around the Swedish healthcare market. There are similarities in language and culture between Norway and Sweden, but the same cannot be said about the two healthcare markets.

By attending this webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the Swedish healthcare market, as well as get insight on procurement system and finances. You will learn about the most important national and regional networks. After this practical information we will also guide you through different portals where you can get help with your specific questions.

This webinar will be recorded and be part of our database of resources about the Swedish healthcare market.


13:00 – Opening by the moderator 

13:05 – Ambassador of Norway to Sweden (Speaker: Ambassador Christian Ulrik Syse)

13:15 – Norway Health Tech (Speaker: Trine Radmann, Head of International Affairs at Norway Health Tech)

13:20 – The Swedish Healthcare system – an overview (Speaker: Anna Riby, Swecare)

  • An overview over regions and municipalities and their areas of responsibility
  • Visjon e-hälse 2025
  • Main players:  The role of experts, health insurance companies, distributors, buyers, and customers, private health insurance.
  • Questions and answers.

14:00 –Health Tech Nordic and Nordic Proof (Speakers: Bent-Håkon Lauritzen and Haakon Skar, Norway Health Tech)

  • Introduction of Scandinavian cross-border collaboration

14:20 – DigitalWell Arena  – digital health and welfare innovation in practice – (Speakers: Stefan Skoglund & Lina Svensberg, DigitalWell Arena & DigitalWell Ventures)

  • A shortcut to the public sector in Sweden for innovative health- and welfare companies in the Nordics
  • Showcasing of Innovation Support Activities such as Innovation Forums, networking possibilities, Accelerator Program etc.
  • Demand Acceleration in the Public Sector

14:40 – Experience sharing – similar markets, but very different (Speaker: Odd Inge Hellesylt, Checkware)

  • A Norwegian company which has expanded to Sweden

14:50 – The END


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Trine Radmann

Head of International Affairs


Bent-Håkon Lauritzen

Advisor Market Development


Haakon Skar

Senior Innovation Advisor / Head of Norway Health Tech Trondheim - Norway Health Tech


Lina Svensberg

Accelerator Program Manager for DigitalWell Ventures and Process Leader in DigitalWell Arena - DigitalWell Ventures, DigitalWell Arena

Stefan Skoglund

Innovation Manager for DigitalWell Arena and DigitalWell Ventures - DigitalWell Arena, DigitalWell Ventures

Odd Inge Hellesylt

Vice President International Business Development - Checkware