Post-Covid-19: Seminars and Exhibition

14 December
10:00 - 15:00

Hybrid-event, Oslo Science Park and digitally

Oslo Science Park will open its doors for live seminars and an exhibition centered around Post-Covid-19 and  innovative solutions.

The event will include live exhibitions of innovative products and solutions related to Covid19, as well as seminars and speeches from experts, and opportunities for 1:1 Meetings. 

Program outline: 

10.00 – Opening: Welcome from Norway Health Tech and Introduction to the Exhibitors

11.00 – 15.00 *

  • Seminars and Speeches about Covid-19 related topics.
  • Contribution from our Special Guests – Delegation from Austria.

15.00 – Thank you and God Jul from Norway Health Tech!

* Timeslots and topics to be announced soon


Information for Exhibitors:

We are all stronger together. It is therefore important to find reliable and resourceful partners for your company. Are you interested in finding a perfect match for your post-COVID19-solution? Sign up for this live event with a short briefing of your solution!

Exhibitors will be provided with an exhibiting space, and will be introduced in the welcoming speech at the event.  In addition, all exhibitors will be visible through Norway Health Techs social media, and through the Solutions platform, which is part of https://www.norwayhealthtech.com.

Further information will follow after you sign up.



Information for Visitors: 

Are you interested to learn more about innovative Post-Covid19 solutions? We are looking for visitors from a wide range of health care organization, companies, investors, municipalities and other participants. Of course, other private visitors are also very welcome.



We’ll see you at Oslo Science Park!

Gry Helene Stavseng – Advisor Innovation Projects, project management ghs@norwayhealthtech.com

Irene Chelliah – Medical Advisor, event coordination irc@norwayhealthtech.com

Snorre Grading – Project Assistant, solutions platform coordination sg@norwayhealthtech.com


This project is funded by Oslo Kommune