Pitch for the German experts – Booster Board with hannoverimpuls

13 October
09:00 - 11:00


This program is funded by Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling

If you are serious about going to Germany, you should try to be selected for this pitching session.

Booster Board is an exclusive event for a few selected companies that wish to scale up in Germany.

You will have the unique opportunity to pitch for a specially selected panel of experts in Germany. After pitching, each company will ask specific questions to the expert panel. The panel is handpicked to provide you and the other participants with direct and focused feedback.

Updated date and time:

13th October: Digital Care and Hospital, time 9-11am


Criteria for participation:

  • You have concrete plans to expand to Germany with your company within the near future.
  • You are willing to put time and effort into preparing for the event.
  • Your company is not already established in Germany.
  • You are subscribed to our German Market Entry Program
  • You are a member of Norway Health Tech.

Sign up is open until 31st of August (6 weeks before the event). Norway Health Tech together with hannoverimpuls will then select the companies we think will have the biggest chance for success. We will not select direct competitors to participate in the event together. Participating in the Booster Board is free of charge.

If you have any questions about this or the German Market Entry Program, please reach out to Irene.

Be part of this unique opportunity!


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The following experts from Germany will be with us. Click on their respective “speakers” page to learn more!

  • Thomas Bade, Founder and CEO of Institute for Universal Design GmbH, a great multiplier, is involved in many innovative projects for health and care.
  • Mr. Jochen Blaser, Techniker Krankenkasse (health insurance company), Country representative for Lower Saxony




Cornelia Körber

Project director Life Science & MedTech at hannoverimpuls - hannoverimpuls

Thomas Bade

Founder and CEO - Institute for Universal Design GmbH

Jochen Blaser

Country representative for Lower Saxony - Techniker Krankenkasse

Sebastian Cornelius Retter

Specialist lawyer for medical law - Mazars