Norwegian Pavilion at MEDICA 2021

15 - 18 November
09:00 - 18:00

Düsseldorf, Germany

MEDICA 2021 – Leading International Trade Fair

Norwegian Pavilion at MEDICA 2021

15th – 18th November, Düsseldorf, Germany

MEDICA is the world’s largest event for the medical sector.

We are excited to announce that there will be a Norwegian pavilion at MEDICA 2021, organized by the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. This presents a unique opportunity for Norwegian companies to showcase their products and make connections at the trade fair. With exhibitors from all over the world, participating at MEDICA is the golden ticket for your company to enter the international world of medicine.

Don’t miss your chance, the deadline for registration in the Norwegian pavilion is 31th May 2021.

Press release from the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce: Norsk fellesstand ved MEDICA 2021 (in norwegian)

Short facts:

Cost for participating as an exhibitor within the Norwegian pavilion depends on the size of your stand. The current estimate is 55 000 NOK (+vat) for 6 sqm, or 80 000 NOK (+vat) for a 9sqm stand.

By signing up as exhibitor within the Norwegian pavilion you will get many benefits, for example:

  • Catalogue entry in publication of the trade fair organizer
  • Dedicated project manager and team to assist before and during the event
  • Promotion of the pavilion through various activities prior to the event
  • Matchmaking assistance
  • Webinar series for trade fair preparation
  • One year of membership of the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

You can read about this in detail here: https://norwegen.ahk.de/no/medica


Important!  If you wish to participate in the Norwegian pavilion, you have to sign up through the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce via this document: REGISTRATION

Informational webinar:

The German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce will hold a webinar before summer to give further information about MEDICA 2021. This webinar is open for anyone. Companies who are yet to decide whether they want to exhibit at MEDICA 2021 are very welcome to join and get their questions answered.

If you have any questions regarding the Norwegian pavilion or associated activities planned by NHT, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Irene Chelliah will take care of all correspondence concerning MEDICA 2021: irene.chelliah@norwayhealthtech.com


MEDICA is an important trade fair for health tech companies within medical devices, rehabilitation equipment, e-health, service & operational solutions, information and communications technology, physiotherapy and orthopedic equipment, electro medicine, Medical Technology, single-use and consumer items, diagnostics and laboratory Equipment. MEDICA is a global exhibition attracting buyers and decision makers from all over the world and it will be your opportunity to attack the international market with specialist visitors from more than 130 countries.

Official webpage: https://www.medica-tradefair.com/

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