NHS – National Health Society – meet the healthcare provider in the UK

17 September
14:00 - 16:30


Meet representatives from the National Health Society (NHS) and other health institutions and learn about entering the UK health market, access to investor capital and funding opportunities.

UK is one of the most interesting markets in Europe today. Norway and UK have a strong relation with good collaborations. The advantages of the collaboration are the geographical proximity, the English language and cultural similarities. These advantages reduce the barriers for market entry significantly.

In this webinar you will meet representatives from the National Health Society (NHS) and other health institutions.

NHS will share their knowledge and experience about:

  • procurement processes
  • routes to market
  • innovation and adoption
  • applications
  • verification process
  • direct sale

During this webinar we will also provide information on investor capital & funding possibilities and point to experts you can engage for a successful market entry.

Norway Health Tech operates an acceleration program targeting UK in 2020.The program is run in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade and Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling. The program is funded by Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.