NHS – National Health Services – meet the healthcare provider in the UK

17 September
14:00 - 16:00


Meet the National Health Service, the healthcare provider in the UKlearn more about the grand challenges and the future focus areas in health and careHow the pandemic is changing the way health and care are provided in the United Kingdom 

The webinar will give in-depth info on NHSenlighten us on the latest developments on the “Ageing society” priorities, investment opportunities and the New Deal program Build in Britain as a response to the consequences of the pandemic including infrastructure in hospitals. 

Since its inception in 1948 the NHS has played a significant part in British politics and been of great interest to international healthcare companies. Why? Because the NHS is the largest publicly funded healthcare system in the world and treats over 1.4 million people every 24 hours making it an attractive business opportunity. Although the system is integrated into the UK economy, the government has been encouraging foreign investment through the launch of various programs and campaigns. 
In this webinar we would therefore like to address: what determines if you succeed with selling to the NHS? And can the pandemic change the prevailing model of how the NHS is run?” 

Britain’s Industrial Strategy has four Grand Challenges and Healthy Ageing is one of these. Healthy Ageing is more than simply the promotion of good health and prevention or treatment of ill health. It is about creating supportive products, services and environments that maintain people’s functional ability so that they can continue to take part as active and productive members of society, even when their health limits their intrinsic capacity. 

The CCGs, which retains responsibility for commissioning primary care services such as GP, specialized hospital services and others, will be a part of this webinar, as well.  

Do you have interests or solutions suitable for Britain, don’t hesitate to sign up for the webinar!

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14.00   Welcome to this webinar on UK. Short introduction of the acceleration program and the future plans on matchmaking and market visits byTrine Radmann, Head of International Relations, Norway Health Tech

14.05   The Britain’s “Build” program concerning health and care and infrastructure in hospitals by Mr. Neil Roberts, COO, SEHTA

14.20   The UK’s Action Plan for Healthy Ageing part 2: Harnessing the Power of  Innovation to help meet the needs of the Ageing Society, byJulie Taylor, Ageing Society Specialist, Department for International Trade

14:40   Greater Manchester – An introduction to digital health and healthy ageing in Manchester, investment opportunities and programmes, by Sarah Mills, Business Development Manager, Healthcare & Life Science MIDAS. 

15.00   The NHS – Introduction and overview: procurement channels; challenges due to the pandemic, Dr. Linda Magee, NHS Investment specialist, DIT.

15.15   Scotland, Digital Health and Care Opportunities in a Post Covid World  by professor George Crooks, Chief Executive, Digital Health and Care Institute. Scotland.

15.30   Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – roles and tasks by Paul Lynch, Deputy Director – Strategy & System Development and Conor Dowling, Evaluation Coordination Lead. Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership

15:40   DO’s and Don’ts in the UK  Dr Ewa Truchanowicz, Managing Director at Dignio UK

15.50   Wrap Up

NB: The matchmaking and market visit to UK is postponed until Q1 2021.


Norway Health Tech operates an acceleration program targeting UK in 2020.The program is run in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade and Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling. The program is funded by Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.



Julie Taylor

Ageing Society Specialist - Department for International Trade

Linda Magee

NHS investment specialist - Department for International TradeUniversity of Southampton

George Crooks

Chief Executive, Professor - Digital Health and Care Institute, Scotland

Ewa Truchanowicz

Managing Director - Dignio UK

Paul Lynch

Deputy Director – Strategy & System Development and Conor Dowling, Evaluation Coordination Lead - Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership

Sarah Mills

Business Development Manager, Healthcare & Life Science - MIDAS

Trine Radmann

Head of International Affairs