Learn more about Japan and Japanese health challenges

19 May
08:30 - 11:00


The world is at a stage where everything has changed. That also goes for Japan. The move towards homecare is coming at much higher speed and we would like to invite you to join us for a webinar to learn and share knowledge and experience.

What: 1/2-day event introducing you to Japan and the Japanese healthcare market of medical devices, diagnostics, digital health (including welfare technologies) and other advanced technologies dealing with health/care – including covid-19.

Why now: The Japanese healthcare system is one of the finest and one of the most interesting health markets in the world, due to the substantial health tasks they face. Hyper-aging has confronted Japanese society with a plethora of challenges and the emphasize is on preventive care. They are moving towards a more community-based integrated care system. They have multiple changes going on and to learn more about Japan, the Japanese health challenges and market and find out why this concerns your company in particular, please join in on this webinar. Companies with covid-19 solutions are welcome to join.

The webinar will be in English.

Program webinar

08.30   Welcome to this webinar on Japan, moderator Kathrine Myhre, CEO, Norway Health Tech

08.35   Short introduction of the acceleration program, Trine Radmann, Head of International Relations

08.45   Business environment and market trends of the Japanese market, Ms. Keiko Tsunekawa, Life Science Specialist, Jetro London         

09.30   Understanding the Japanese healthcare system,  Ms. Keiko Tsunekawa, Life Science Specialist, Jetro London

10.30   Norwegian health initiatives in Japan: Norway-Japan S&T cooperation and prospects for cooperation within health, care and welfare technology. Julie Christiansen, Senior Adviser, The Research Council of Norway

10.40   Norway-Japan research network, and nurse student exchange program as an example of an academic collaboration. Dr. Anders Øverby, Chair of Norway-Japan academic network and project leader at Center of education in Kongsvinger

10.55  Do’s and Don’ts – a health company experience in Japan Kjetil Buer, Global Business Director, GE Healthcare

11:10 The end of knowledge webinar Day 1 of a 2 Days webinar on Japan

Day 2 of the webinar serie will mainly address prosesses, timelines, regulatory competence and framework, knowledge exchange and relevant authorities.

Next webinar about health market JapanSeptember 24th, will have Processes, timelines, regulatory competence and framework, knowledge exchange and relevant authorities as main headlines.  

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Ms. Keiko Tsunekawa

Life Science Specialist - Jetro London

Julie Christiansen

Senior Adviser, Department for International Cooperation - The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Dr. Anders Øverby

Project leader - Center of education in Kongsvinger

Kjetil Buer

Global Business Director - GE healthcare

Kathrine Myhre

CEO - Norway Health Tech

Trine Radmann

Head of International Affairs