HoloCare Conference 2019

27 - 28 March
18:00 - 16:00

Day 1: Posthuset, 25th floor
Day 2: Oslo Science Park

Holographic computing represents a paradigm shift in medicine. At HoloCare’s first annual conference in Oslo you will learn more about the impact of holographic computing and how you can take part in creating the future of medicine.

HoloCare is the world’s first innovation centre for mixed reality. It is a unique public-private partnership, and serves as a common resource to build and share knowledge for future healthcare solutions, using holographic computing.

The minister of Digitalization, mr Nikolai Astrup, will be there to get a glimpse into the technology and what it can accomplish.

Please join us for the HoloCare conference where all projects will be presented. See the full PROGRAM HERE!

“It has been said that a picture can save a thousand words. I believe that a good hologram, can save a thousand images”
Dr. Henrik Brun, Oslo University Hospital