EXCITE International partnering with Norway Health Tech to make clinical testing seamless and faster

25 May
08:30 - 10:00

Medical Growth House
Social Zone

Please join us for a morning workshop with Les Levin to learn how EXCITE can help you through clinical trials; proof of concept og full scale.

The current approach to health technology development, which sequentially seeks regulatory approval followed by requesting coverage by payers and health systems, is complicated, counter-productive and counter-intuitive. The value-add of EXCITE International is that it aligns companies with important international decision-makers and experts early in the evaluation process (pre-market), working with them across the entire pathway from innovation to global adoption.

EXCITE International regards industry as part of the health system and aligns all stakeholders to pull impactful technologies into markets to improve patient outcomes and/or health system efficiencies. It avoids repeat studies to satisfy multiple health systems to address inadequate or inappropriate evidence developed for regulatory approval, which has a different focus from coverage decision-making.

Norway Health Tech as signed a MoU with EXCITE International, making it even easier for Norwegian (and Nordic) countries to perform testing according to the EXCITE methodology.

The founder and CEO of EXCITE, dr Les Levin, will visit us and we’d like to invite you to a morning workshop where he will give you an introduction to what EXCITE is and what it can do for you. Even if you are at an early stage!

After the workshop you can also sign up for 1:1 meetings with dr Levin – send an e-mail to Anita to schedule.

Welcome to an EXCITEing morning!



Dr. Leslie Levin

Chief Executive and Scientific Officer - EXCITE International

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