Welcome to Norway Health Tech!

Cluster —
09 August
15:00 - 18:00

Gaustadalleen 21 - Medical Growth House

I have really looked forward to this day! For a long time, we have made plans to take Oslo Medtech up to the next level and mark that we are a cluster for all health professionals throughout Norway.

We are proud to present Norway Health Tech, a health club with over 200 dedicated members. The Oslo name has been a geographical restriction for many potential members, in addition to being far more than a medtech cluster. We have never concealed our international ambitions and we will be even better positioned for global venture when called Norway Health Tech.

When we started the cluster project in 2009, 32 members were behind the cluster. Only a small part of the value chain in health was represented, and most major health professionals wondered what in the world we could do for them. There was minimal dialogue and trust between the various players, few had positive cooperation experiences, and it was challenging to establish a Norwegian health cluster that opened the doors for Norwegian healthcare companies.

In line with the development of trustful relationships and cooperation, there has been a significant improvement in these areas over the past eight years. We have put in place an innovation ecosystem for the health industry and are engaged in innovation partnerships and innovative procurement processes. Test facilities, incubators, growth houses and EU programs have been established and our highly competent members are real contributors in the cluster and assist each other with mutual respect. We have gone from being a bunch of too many “cowboy entrepreneurs” to a professional health industry. And in parallel with this, the industry’s turnover and value creation increase. A total of NOK 52 billion was the industry’s contribution to Norwegian value creation in 2015. Over the years, a lot of work has been done, with an extremely professional and hardworking team in Norway Health Tech. At the same time, the members have worked day and night to reach the goals. The core issue is how well equipped we are to solve the major health challenges nationally and internationally.

Norway has succeeded in innovation in other industries, which is why this is fully possible in the health sector as well. Our starting point is extremely good: We have public research investments of nine billion NOK annually, we have talented and smart people in entrepreneurship and research. We have a wonderful health care system and a flat management structure. Norway has a good reputation globally and a stable political system that it is possible to trust. The sum means that we are very well positioned to become world leader in global health innovation.

What we need to do in the future is to get more investors on board and more private capital. We need national strategies that can give us a national boost for an international commitment to health. We in Norway Health Tech are more than ready to play a central role in this national project. We have already established an innovation platform that invites all interested health professionals to use and will push on with full force in our new colors!
* With the national brand Norway Health Tech

* With the international news platform The Health Brief

* With a brand new website that should be a hub for the entire sector Communication and dialogue; These are the keywords for future success in the health sector.

With an enthusiastic greeting to you all,

Kathrine Myhre, CEO


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09 August

Welcome to Norway Health Tech

CEO Kathrine Myhre welcomes you all to our informal celebration of our new name and profile.