Introduction to EXCITE International

13 September
14:00 - 16:30

Forum - Oslo Science Park

A not-for-profit initiative, EXCITE International is a global collaboration of key stakeholders — innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, patients, scientists and end-users — working together in the premarket space to change the paradigm of health technology innovation and adoption.

The program started in Canada 5 years ago (MaRS EXCITE) and has now scaled to the 4 health systems in the US, UK and the Netherlands. In a short period of time EXCITE International has built up a large international network of partners including among other US FDA, BlueCross (US), Kaiser Permanent (US) Health Canada, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) UK and Department of Health UK and Ministry of Health Holland. We want to introduce the program in the Nordics and is very happy to have Dr Levin introduce the program to us all.

Please join us and meet Dr. Leslie Levin, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer of EXCITE International from Canada. He will tell us how the EXCITE program can help startups succeed by doing the right things in terms of proof of concept and clinical trials to secure fast track and adoption of breakthrough medical technologies.

This meeting is relevant for all companies that will be going through clinical trials for approval for the US or EU market. Going through the program will save money and time, and reduce your time to market – and ensure that you hit the market you are targeting, answering to the actual need.

It is also relevant for hospital management, decision makers in health – both public and private, as well as investors.

To read more about EXCITE International, click here.

If you want an introduction to the EXCITE program, watch the intro-video HERE.

There will also be an opportunity for companies to book 1:1 meeting with Dr. Levin on the following day from 9am (Sept 14th). Please register your interest with Anita Moe Larsen at Norway Health Tech.



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13 September

Welcome and short back ground

The Chairman of Norway Health Tech, Carl Christian Gilhuus-Moe, gives us a brief back ground on why the Excite program is of great importance to the Norwegian and Nordic health industry

13 September

What is the EXCITE program and why is it important for you

by Dr. Leslie Levin

13 September

Experience from SoftOx Solution, the first Nordic company admitted to the EXCITE program

How the EXCITE program reduces financial risk, optimizing the clinical program and secures market adoption by giving feedback from international key opinion leaders, scientific and regulatory experts and major potential buyers – by Geir H. Almås, CEO SoftOx Solutions AS

13 September

Questions and answers

Fasilitated by Kathrine Myhre