Our mission is to improve quality in treatment and care by developing and industrializing world class health solutions through our members and eco-system.

About Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech has over 200 members in 2017 and is in the process of repositioning as a major international health technology cluster on behalf of the Norwegian healthcare sector.

The cluster’s ambition has been to become one of the most innovative global health technology clusters by 2020 for a long time. Now we reposition the cluster and expand our areas and change our name that signalizes that we represent businesses across Norway.

Our focus areas are to facilitate R & D and industrial cooperation between research, industry and health personnel. We stimulate and help market driven innovation and facilitate clinical studies, testing and verifications. We participate in business development and international scaling, building investment networks and investments meeting venues. And we play a role in innovative procurement processes.

We have a vision of making Norway the world’s best arena for health innovation. We will provide better healthcare solutions for all, through the dissemination of innovative solutions, cross-sector cooperation, and ensure that our members have the best contacts and relationships of relevant stakeholders in the global ecosystem.

Our main objective is to improve the quality of treatment and care by industrializing healthcare solutions in the global ecosystem. We aim to create sustainable solutions for the major global health challenges, by strengthening competitiveness and facilitating strong growth in the Norwegian healthcare industry and expanding international cooperation.

We will work to address patient needs and create healthcare solutions by connecting members and users with their preferred partners so that they can get the most modern and up-to-date solution in the healthcare sector. Perhaps the most important part of our work is to provide access to a large quality network that represents the entire value chain in the global health ecosystem.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established organization or company, your success will be our success. With increased ambitions comes a new name. Therefore, Oslo Medtech will be Norway Health Tech from August 2017.


Kathrine Myhre



Katrine Halvorsrud

Office Manager


Anita Moe Larsen

Head of Communication


Therese Eftevaag

Communication and Member Contact


Trine Radmann

Head of International Affairs


Waqar Ahmed

Head of EU Programme


Sergio Ferreira

Project Manager – EU Team


Mette Kristine Aastad

Project Administrator EU


Pavan Kumar Sriram

Project and Innovation Manager, EU team



Bent-Håkon Lauritzen

Advisor Market Development


Odd Arild Lehne

Advisor Innovation projects


Herman Berg

Communication Advisor


Bill Harris




Carl Christian Gilhuus-Moe

Chairman of the Board - Norway Health Tech

Erik Fosse

Deputy Chairman of the Board/General Manager Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital - Norway Health Tech /the Intervention Centre (Oslo University Hospital)

Eirik Næss-Ulseth

- Norway Health Tech/Pubgene

Endre Sandvik

Member of board - Oslo kommune

Asbjørn Lilletun

Administrerende direktør - Norinnova

Malin Karlsson

Sr. Director & Head of OEM Bead Business - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Contact us

Norway Health Tech is situated close to The University of Oslo, Blindern and as a part of Forskningsparken. The easiest way to visit us is by public transport, please see below.

Contact us: mail@norwayhealthtech.com


Get on the lines 4, 5 or 6 (westbound). Get off either at Forskningsparken or Blindern station. Norway Health Tech is located in the building of Forskningsparken between the two mentioned stations.


Get on line 18 or 19 towards Rikshospitalet. Get off on the stop Forskningsparken.


Forskningsparken is easily accessible from either Ring 3 or Ring 2 through Oslo. After making the exit towards Gaustad or Rikshospitalet, follow signs for Forskningsparken. Parking is available under the building (drive around the building, pass the first parking enterance and find number 21).

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